I can't be bothered to write anything so please feel free to not read this !
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I miss him so much it hurts , and I don't know what to do without him ...


this is what i do:

  • turn out the lights. take a shower in the dark. it may seem like a thousand hummingbird wings tapping incessantly on your skin at first, but soon, they’ll become a steady river flowing, you’ll forget they were ever made of even tinier matter.
  • watch foreign movies without turning on the subtitles. turn up the volume. fill the entire room with conversation that you aren’t a part of. listen. you’re a ghost now. listen. until you begin to have dreams of letting people into your life again. listen. until you desire to be a part of someone else’s life again.
  • press flowers in between pages of your favourite book. let the days pass. you’ll forget. but anytime you come to remember, they will still be there, more beautiful than ever. you’ll remember. but this time, you no longer will desire to forget. this time, it won’t hurt as much.

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Daddy says, “go out and get a boyfriend” probably somebody with eyes like a stingray probably somebody that builds things probably somebody who would go bald by thirty
but daddy her eyes are better than poetry and i think my ears are addicted to how she sings in the shower while water holds her curves the way my fingers always want to and i’m fucking obsessed with how she’ll laugh while kissing you because she just thought of a joke she’s heard and she lets me cook dinner even when i burn it and when she curls up next to me i finally feel like i’m home and maybe we don’t have much between us but our love is a running start and maybe she can’t fix a car
but she sure as hell healed my heart. By "Her beautiful blue-grey eyes and dark hair, kindness, compassion… I think about her every day.” /// r.i.d (via inkskinned)